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Access to Enjoji

Enjo-ji Temple is a Tendai sect temple located in Enjo, Kibichuo-cho, Kaga-gun, almost in the center of Okayama Prefecture. Although it is located in the countryside, there are many visitors from inside and outside the prefecture, including Bizen, Bicchu, and Mimasaka. (Tourist information for Kibichuo Town can be found here here, and Enjoji Temple is located within Enjo Furusato Village.)
 The photo on the top page is the Sanmon Gate. Ni-o-sama is guarding the left and right sides, but you are basically free to enter and exit the precincts.

 The name of the mountain is Hongusan, the name of the temple-in is Kannon-in, and the name of the temple is Enjo-ji. It is said to have been founded by Gyoki Bosatsu, who was involved in the construction of the Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple, and in 2015 it celebrated its 1300th anniversary.
 Chinjudaiba Shrine is enshrined here, making it a syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism.

 In addition to Hatsugoma, Nirvana Ceremony, Spring and Autumn Higan Eko, Flower Festival, Daiba Shrine Spring and Autumn Festivals, and Segaki Ceremony, there are also sutra copying sessions, zazen sessions, lectures, and more, all of which are open to the public.
Please feel free to join us. There are resorts nearby such as Komori Onsen and Yunose Onsen. You can also take a break and have a snack at the nearby roadside station Kamogawa Enjo. You can also buy fresh and delicious vegetables directly from farmers at extremely low prices.

Location etc.
742 Enjo, Kibichuo-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama Prefecture 709-2412
Hongusan Enjoji Temple TEL 0867-34-0004
Chief Priest Shintai Amakusa After working as an assistant at the Ethics Research Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, he became chief priest in 1993, following in the footsteps of his late father, the previous Reverend Gitai.
For access, please see the guide map on the upper right. If you go north on National Route 429 from Okayama city, you will reach the roadside station ``Kamogawa Enjo'' in about 30 minutes, and from there it will take you a few minutes west to Enjoji Temple.
For weather information in Enjo, Click Meteorological Agency or YAHOO! Weather to take a look.
The photo on the left is the Nio statue of Agyoh ("Ah"-form) at the Sanmon gate.

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Ceiling painting Rakukei memorial service