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Regarding site changes

 I think this site was started in 2008 (Heisei 20). In preparation for 2015, which marks the 1300th anniversary of Enjoji's founding, we decided to use the web as a means of public relations in order to hold a suitable event. Many events were held and many people participated. For almost all of these events, we provided information and reported on the events on the day of the event.
Even after the commemorative events ended for the 1300th anniversary of the founding of the mountain, events continued until 2019 (Heisei 31).
Since then, there have been no updates to the article regarding the event. During this time, many images, most of which are in the jpg format, have deteriorated and are no longer displayed.
In addition, the data that has been updated and added to each event has been left unorganized and unorganized, and is now cluttered and difficult to find.
Furthermore, smartphones have become popular these days, and the majority of web browsing is now done using smartphones. You can view this site on your smartphone, but it's small so you can't see it well unless you use your finger to enlarge it.

Because of the above, and because the administrator is reaching the age limit, I decided to revise the site.
Regarding revisions
1. We have omitted the event information, removed the event report from the remaining image data, and mainly used the slide method for presentation. At this time, we have omitted the classification of some events by date and time. Events were classified and divided into several hierarchies for each classification.
2. We have tried to keep the main flow below "Home" and "Access" as original as possible.
3. We have devised a way to make it easier to view on smartphones. Web design techniques such as HTML, CSS, and JS were useful for this purpose. I strongly feel that I am not thorough enough due to the 80's manual training, but I would like to improve it even a little if possible.
In particular, the association between HTML files and CSS files was messy, making it difficult to understand. There is an expectation that someone will take over the management, but I think we should clear things up a bit.

Coincidentally, it was today, August 15th of Obon 2022, that I managed to complete some revisions. It will not actually appear on the internet until after we have done a little more elaboration, or rather review, and obtained Enjoji's approval.
Once the revised version is uploaded, please take a look at it, including those using smartphones.

<Addition>In the spring of 2023, the Enjoji family took over the management and operation of this site.

About this site

 This site was created by one of the members with the permission of Enjoji Temple in order to disseminate information on events and other activities related to Enjoji Temple.
Photos and materials published by Enjoji Temple are quoted and used. When using the information, words and sentences have been changed to make it easier to understand. While we strive to be as accurate as possible, as with all articles, not all details have been edited by Enjoji.
Please note that the introduction of books and stores is based on the creator's personal preference, and the advertisements that appear on external links are the intention of the linked site and have no relation to Enjoji Temple. .
Thank you for visiting our website. Please come to the Enjoji event once.
If you have any information related to Enjoji Temple, please email us below. Please leave it to us to decide whether or not to accept your application.
     E-mail: info@enjouji.net 

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