Doll memorial service 

2014 Doll memorial service

Sunday, March 2, 2014: Goma memorial service held on the grounds of Enjoji Temple.
A large number of dolls (plus stuffed animals) were received from all over the prefecture and outside of the prefecture.


2013 Doll memorial service

March 3rd Goma memorial service. Approximately 5,000 dolls of various types were donated. Approximately 70 people participated on the day.

Origin of doll memorial service

We hold a memorial service for our old dolls and pray for the safety of our families and friends.
The origin of the Doll's Festival is said to be an event in which dolls (hitokata) made of paper or clay were floated into rivers or the sea, and people used them as substitutions or scapegoats to pray for the safety and health of themselves, their families, friends, and acquaintances.
Let's bring back the spirit of valuing things to the modern world by praying for each other's happiness and offering a memorial service to the souls of dolls.